A Day of Scribing

I got to scribe for Axel Steiner at the BLM Championships/Garden State Classic today. The day was jam packed with all levels of classes from Training to PSG.  It was a very windy and cold day and many of the horses were a bit on the naughty side.

The one theme that replayed over and over was that people were riding at a level higher than they should have been.  Maybe it was just the weather or they were having a bad day, but few riders could meet the requirements of the level they were showing.  For example, in third level when changes are introduced there were horses who couldn’t do a clean change.

Overall, I found Axel to be extremely fair.  He was professional and gave 100% for each ride, even if the ride started out not-so-hot and when the day got long.  He did seem to get frustrated that the rides were not better.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t watch a lot because he gave a lot of comments – when the rides are good I can watch more.  But it helps to watch bad rides too – you see what not to do and hear tips to make it better.

I just wish I had more time to talk to him about the tests that he helped write.  For example, I really wish the canter depart in TL Test 2 was going into the short side instead of coming out.  Oh well.  Next time.

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One Response to A Day of Scribing

  1. I was there yesterday! Would have gone back today but I had to wait for a shipper at work… Ah well.

    I love scribing. I do think you learn so much, even if you don’t get much chance to watch the actual tests. And I do think there is a widespread trend of people showing above their riding level… I’ve been lucky enough to scribe a lot the past two years, and since I’m local I mostly see the same groups of riders over and over again. When different judges make consistent remarks weeks and months apart, it’s very telling.

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