Leg Yield? No, Turn on the Forehand. No, Wait, Leg Yield

Having PJ move off subtle (stress on subtle) aids is just not happening yet.  Okay, fine.  We’ll work on it. But he still has to move off my aids and he just wasn’t doing that in leg yield today.  So I thought about why.  Well, he was leading with his shoulders, which meant his hind end wasn’t moving over like it should.  Then I thought why was that?  I wasn’t sure but I decided to test if it was because he didn’t know to move his hind end away from my leg.

The best way I thought to do that was turn on the forehand.  I asked him to walk forward and then when I could see ourselves in the mirror I stopped and asked for turn on the forehand.  No problems there – better one direction than the other but he did it without me getting all tied in a knot pushing.  Then going in his better direction first, I first asked for the turn-on-the-haunches and when he moved nicely over, I stopped asking him to stay in place.  At first he side passed – not a bad response.  I released the reins a little more and he went both forward and sideways – leg yield!  Again, he got it better one direction than the other, but I think I’m on to something.

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