Riding = Exercise = Exhausted

Going to the gym today before my lesson turned out to be a bad idea.  Work is very hectic right now, so timing-wise it worked out better to go to the gym early in the morning before the demands of work started.  I decided to just do a half-hour on the recline bike, thinking that it would loosen my hips up, which would be a good thing. Well, it tired me out.  And having to push PJ all of the time didn’t help.  Probably in the long run it will be a good thing for my fitness level but in the short term, I don’t think it helped my riding.

I feel so bad for PJ having to put up with my unclear aids.  I think, if only he went forward then I wouldn’t have to compromise my position to get him to go forward but by compromising my position I’m encouraging him not the go forward.  It’s an endless cycle that can either spiral in together towards good riding or spiral out of control together into worse riding.  Today was one of those not really getting anywhere days.  Got a little bit better canter departs but lost a little contact.  Had him a little more in front of my leg but lost a little on the exactness of my figures.  I’m not going to think too much about it. And besides, right now I need to recuperate from all of that exercise!

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2 Responses to Riding = Exercise = Exhausted

  1. Net says:

    Have you ever ridden with a biomechanics instructor? Sorry if one of your posts specified that someone was… I know your last clinic worked on position, but don’t remember you saying it was a biomechanics person.

    I’ve started doing monthly clinics (or as frequently as I can – I will be missing November) with a biomechanics instructor. She is great purely for worrying about my own position, rather than training my horse… but of course as you mention in your post improving ourselves also improves our horses! She’s valuable for me because while my trainer I work with regularly is able to tell me what to fix, the biomechanics instructor is in my ear with a headset giving me specific imagery that works for me to use the correct muscles, which then keep me from losing my position. She’s in my ear to tell me to sit back each time I start to lean forward, etc. I don’t want that every ride… but every once in a while so I really learn to feel when I lose my position – and fix my position without losing effectiveness – is proving very helpful for me.

    My horse normally isn’t so hard to get forward, but when we go away from home he tightens up and loses forward to upward. Any teensie bit of leaning forward on my part gets him behind my leg, head in my face and hollow. It’s really interesting seeing how focus on me fixes him!

  2. tryingtoride says:

    I would LOVE to take a lesson from a biomechanics instructor. I just don’t know of any in our area. Mary Wanless used to come to a farm close by but I don’t know if she does anymore. I did take a lesson from a Centered Riding instructor once which helped me get over a rough patch. A big problem is 1) no truck and trailer; 2) no time to go regularly to someone other than my trainer at my barn.

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