Humbled and Exalted at the Same Time

So, I told my trainer my theory that the work we were doing separated the perpetual training level people from those who advanced.  She smiled and said “exactly!”  But then she said that what I was learning separated the D1 Pony Clubbers from the C3’s.  She went on to say that at around 15 years old is when most Pony Clubbers are ready to move up. But at that time they discover boys and realize that riding is too hard (this correct work is harder than the incorrect work -really?) and quit (I’ve seen it myself).  So, what this all means is that my riding ability is equivalent to a 15-year-old. Great.

On the other hand, I started to get it.  PJ started moving.  We started connected.  It’s a good feeling when everything comes together.  Tomorrow, I think I’ll be able to practice.

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