Dressage at Devon

My long (very-long) term riding goal is to show at Dressage at Devon.  You have to be at fourth level or above, so PJ and I are no where close to it, but a girl can dream.  I love this show.  The horses are beautiful, and there are often big name people.  The grounds are fancy with a lot of history.  The shopping is good.  And it’s a good excuse to eat junk food.

This year was a little light on all of it.  I think it was in part because of the weather.  It was stormy all weekend (and very muddy).  Also, the Pan Am games are in a couple of weeks, so the BNTs didn’t come with their top horses if at all, and the economy has impacted the great deals that used to be had in the past.

But it didn’t matter because a large group of us just went to see Barbara’s daughter, Bridget, ride her rock star horse at fourth level.  We served as her entourage from the barn to the warm-up ring.  Her mother helped her get tacked up; I carried her towel, a group of people followed every step and took hundreds of photos.  It was fun.  Her horse was a little tired, this being the third days of showing.  He put in a very exact test but it lacked the brilliance her horse normally has.  But it was enough to secure fourth place out of about 20 stellar rides.

As soon as she got back to the barn, all of us helpers dispersed to go shopping.  I bought an amazing coat (expensive but my birthday is coming up 🙂 ) and two polo shirts (bargains).  A friend bought a pair of fancy breeches, a piece of art, and a polarfleece jacket.  We ate junk food and then we settled in to watch the intermission and the awards ceremony.

The intermission show was an Australian cowboy, Guy McLean, who rode one horse and had three at liberty.  It was pretty cool.  At the end he had one of the horses lay down and he and the other horses stood over him (two feet on one side and two feet on the other).

It took forever to get to pin Bridget’s class.  We waited through the awards for ponies, and juniors, and freestyles.  It started drizzling and then pouring rain.  We got soaked despite our umbrella.  I felt bad for everyone who was waiting to get their awards because they were all in their show clothes.  And we waited for almost nothing.  Bridget rode in, got her ribbon, rode once around the ring, and then left.

We were all cold, wet, and tired, so as soon as her horse was safely tucked back in his stall, we all headed for home.  Another sign of fall is over.  Can’t wait for DaD 2012!

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