Time to Break Away

A little history…Since I was 12 yo I had been riding at the same barn with the same trainer.  Then 5 years ago she picked up and moved across the country, but she didn’t leave all of us who were training with her out in the cold.  She found where I currently am for us.  Three of us (me, Maryann, and another woman) moved; one had a baby soon after and stopped riding, leaving just Maryann and I.

Now, before the move, Maryann and I weren’t close.  We rode separately and didn’t spend much time together.  When we moved over to Barbara’s, she scheduled us for lessons together just because she thought it would be more comfortable for us coming to a strange place (and she matched her lesson rate to what we had been paying with our old trainer, which was less than her normal rate).  For all of this time we’ve had lessons together, which has helped us become close friends as well as riding buddies.

But for a while now I’ve felt like I haven’t been progressing as quickly as I’ve wanted to.  In addition, since the new barn was built, I’ve been paying the rate for a private lesson when I’ve been having a semi-private.  I hadn’t minded too much because riding with someone else is fun and you do learn from watching others.  However, Barbara can only concentrate on each of us so much during each lesson and the exercises that PJ and I need are different than those Maryann and Ransom need.

Maryann did not ride today, so I took the opportunity to ask Barbara if I could have one lesson a week on my own and one with Maryann.  She thought it was a good idea and agreed with my reasons.  I haven’t yet broken the news to Maryann and I hope she doesn’t get offended.  It really has nothing to do with her.  Yes, I’m feeling a little guilty, but riding is my reason for being, so to speak, and I need to do this for me.

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