Was it a full moon?

I pulled PJ out of his stall yesterday, and besides being covered in mud, he was all beat up.  He had bite marks on his shoulder, hair missing on a little patch on his knee, patches missing on his side, and a 1.5″ gash on his flank.  All on his left side – his right side was fine.  I debated calling the vet to stitch up  the cut but Barbara and I decided that it should heal okay on its own.

I asked her if she knew what happened and she said that the Friesian-cross mare who is PJ’s next-stall neighbor somehow jumped out of her pasture and in with the boys.  She is a hussy who screams every time she see’s PJ, but she is huge (part draft). I just can’t picture her jumping the fence.  But there’s no question she was found there in the morning.  Ransom, the king of the field had been left in due to a sprung shoe, so I guess that left PJ (second in command) to confront her.  The result was a cut up pony.  She looked untouched to me when I peeked into her stall, and she still screamed when I led PJ to the crossties.

That same night, the two 2-yo stud colts busted the gait to their pasture and were found wondering around at the other end of the farm.  Luckily, they were fine and didn’t bug anyone else.

I guess it was just one of those nights.  We all have them.

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