An Interesting Observation

Throughout my time riding PJ I have always had trouble going to the left.  It used to be that I couldn’t get him to turn left (I have a tendency to drop my right shoulder, loosing the outside shoulder).  It was a big problem but we conquered it.  Now, I can get him to trot forward going to the right but not to the left, even when in two-point (see yesterday’s post).

I decided to experiment to see why there was such a disparity between directions, and it is like night and day or lizard and slug.  I first started out modifying the way I changed directions.  I did some changes tight and others shallow (figure 8 vs. diagonal).  I experimented with keeping the same bend and/or keeping the same posting diagonal. What I found was that his slowing down correlated with my changing diagonals. When I changed directions and bends but not diagonals, he stayed going forward.

Now, I don’t know how changing diagonals encourages him to slow down, but I have something (more) to go with.  I got the “what” but not the “why” or really the “how to fix it”.  But considering before today I didn’t have the “what,” I’m one tiny step ahead.

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