Being Serious About Riding Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Fun

While in Zurich I was becoming very horsey deprived.  When I visited a wildlife park I was enamored with the Przewalski horses even though they weren’t all that exciting, just because they were equines.  Well, on the last day my husband and I decided to waste some time in the mall next to our hotel.  At the top floor there it was….a pet store with a horse section!

I dragged my husband over there.  Some of the stuff was more expensive than in the states but some were cheaper.  One thing that caught my eye was a dressage bridle, but not just any dressage bridle.  This one was London color (light) with reddish brown edging and, wait for it…. a crystal browband.  I fell in love.  On the normal side, it came with reins, was very soft leather, well made, and had a padded crown in addition to the padded browband and noseband.  And, it was very well priced.  Of course, I bought it.

I will only use it for schooling but I put it on PJ today and he looks fabulous, if I do say so myself.   The picture below is of him in his new bridle.  It may not be what every dressage rider dreams of but it makes me smile.

PJ in his new bling

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