Surviving the Storm

First, let me apologize for not blogging for a while.  The vacation that I left for the day after the horse show was supposed to only last 6 days but got extended another 4 days due to Hurricane Irene.  I got stuck in Europe because of the storm.  Not the worst place to be stranded but also not the cheapest.  I was very afraid about what would await me once I did make it home.

Thankfully, the only issue with my house was a slightly flooded basement.  We lost an area rug and need to do a lot of cleaning.  When I found out I wouldn’t be home for an additional 4 days I panicked about the cat.  The dog was safe with my parents but the cat was home alone.  The last time he was home alone, he gave himself kidney failure because he was so upset.  Luckily, I have great family and friends.  My parents went to my house before the storm to check on him and close up the house.  A good friend who lives in my town came to make sure he was okay after the storm.

Then there was worrying about the horse.  The good news was that the new barn weathered the storm without issue, and all of the animals (and people) were safe with very little damage to the property.  The bad news, trees all around the farm knocked down power lines and the barn (as well as the whole town) has been without power since the storm – that’s 5 days and counting.  They are not expected to get power back until Sunday or Monday.  While the lack of electricity is an inconvenience to the humans (no shower, food spoilage, etc), it is a huge problem for the animals because the well pump is hard wired into the house – No electricity = no water!  The barn owner has had help from her neighbors, but horses go through a lot of water in a day and how long will the neighbors be able to cart water to the farm.  The barn owner is at her wits end.  I wish I knew a way to help her.  I could buy a dozen gallons of water from the grocery store but that would only last half a day for only a handful of horses.  A drop in the bucket, so to speak.  She was prepared for a couple of days of no power but not more than a week.

However, we have to remember that others are much worse off than us.  People are truly flooded out, and then there are those wildfires in Oklahoma (my friend’s farm was only 2 miles from the flames yesterday but today the wind shifted and she should be okay).

I hope everyone who is reading this is safe and their loved ones, including those with 4 feet, are okay.

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