Focusing on the Positives

I actually got to show today.  It didn’t go very well.  PJ was a slug.  I’ll start from the beginning.  Last week when I was getting ready for the show we didn’t go to, it took me 2.5 hours to give him a bath and braid him.  Well, today it took me an hour and a half. Add to that my ride being a half-hour late, and I was not happy by the time we left the barn because I had nothing to do for 2 hours.  Now for the positive: part of the reason it took so little time to get ready was that PJ wasn’t a pain in the butt on the crossties while I was braiding.

PJ decided to load without issue (another positive), so we ended up getting to the show when we wanted to.  Because of the threat of horrible storms, the show was letting people go whenever they were ready, and there were a lot of people who scratched.  Well, PJ would not get motivated, and there were no good rings to warm-up in because of the rain.  All we had was a 20-m circle to school, so I couldn’t do diagonals to get him going.  On top of that it was really humid, so even the little work we did made PJ sweat and pant.  I made the executive decision to give him a break before going into the ring to show.  Bad idea.  He lost whatever forward we had and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get him to go.  It compromised my position; I looked horrible with all of the kicking I was doing.  Not pretty.  On a positive note, we got our canter departs they just weren’t pretty.

For our second test I got him much more in front of my leg.  The trot around the perimeter was good.  But then it all went downhill from there when we had to stop to give our name and number to the judge (we were all going out of order to get the show moving before the storm).  It was an okay test until the second canter depart.  He cantered one step, broke, trotted, picked up the wrong lead, trotted, picked up the right lead.  At least we got a 7 on our stretchy trot.  Our overall score was horrible.

Thanks to all of us competitors who volunteered to go early, everyone got to show.  PJ loaded without issue to go home (another positive).  It didn’t start raining until we got on the road – a sort-of positive because the drive home was horrible.  It wasn’t raining at home, so I didn’t have to unload my stuff in the rain (a big positive).  The people at the show were very nice.  I qualified for our GMOs championships with the first score.  And that’s what happened on show day today.

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