No Show at Least for Me

I had until 6:30 am at the very latest to make the decision whether to show or not.  Even though when I looked out the window the rain was so thick I could barely see across the street and the radar was filled with yellows, oranges, and reds as far south as Virginia, I waffled.  On the one hand, I had paid my nonrefundable entry fees, PJ was all dressed up, and I really wanted to show. On the other hand, if the rain didn’t stop it would be miserable and there was a good chance the trailer would get stuck, and going somewhere in bad weather could be a bad experience for PJ.

I called my ride and told her I didn’t want to go to the show.  She was fine with it.  She was originally supposed to show with me but her mare had an issue and she scratched earlier in the week.  As the morning went on, the rain would stop, and I would think I made a bad decision.  Then it would start up again and I would be thankful I made the decision not to go.

I was extremely thankful I now had an indoor because I got to ride.  And PJ was awesome.  I think the modifications to my saddle made a huge difference in my riding but I won’t know until I have a lesson.

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One Response to No Show at Least for Me

  1. Barbara says:

    Good decision. I understand the pros showing in the crap weather, but I don’t enjoy showing my horse when we are both soaking wet and unhappy.

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