Prepping for Nothing ????

I’m supposed to have a horse show tomorrow.  I say “supposed to” because the weather is calling for horrible rain.  I’m sorry, but I do this for fun and showing in a downpour is not fun.  Although I don’t have to make the decision to show or not until tomorrow, if the weather turned out milder than the predictions, I had to be ready.  So, today was horse show prep day just as if the show was on.

That meant a bath for PJ with soap and water – usually I just hose him off because I think soap is too drying.  I scrubbed his tail, which was not as disgusting as I thought it was going to be.  And I braided.  I hate braiding.  In part because I have arthritis in my fingers and towards the end it hurts to braid.  The other reason is because I’ve never had a horse who just stands there, and PJ was no exception.  He moved up on the crossties, he moved back.  A couple of times I had to jump off the stool to hang on to the braid.  I was so frustrated by the end I had to stop myself from yelling at him because he wouldn’t understand why I was yelling.  What I really needed to do was tighten up the crossties so he didn’t have as much room to move.  And his mane!  He ripped out the middle portion sticking his head through the fence.  I got 3 good braids and then 1 tiny skinny braid in the middle and then three more nice braids and one okay braid and then two stumpy braids.  It wasn’t pretty, but if it’s raining lightly, no one will notice, and if it’s raining really hard, no one will see them because we won’t go.

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One Response to Prepping for Nothing ????

  1. Celestite says:

    I feel the same, I do it for fun and pouring rain or freezing temps will have me at home. At the same time it is so disappointing to school and groom and be ready to go and then cancel because it is going to be a miserable day. Maybe the weather report will be all wrong – wouldn’t be the first time. 🙂

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