Take Things As They Come

I left for the barn with a plan.  I was going to ride PJ bareback out in the field.  Why? Well, out in the field was to get him out of the ring and the bareback part was because I didn’t feel like lugging my saddle out (lazy) and it would help with my seat, and tomorrow we’re supposed to have a lesson, so I didn’t want to work him terribly hard.  Then I was going to ride Ransom because Maryann is still away.

Just as I turned into the barn driveway, it started raining.  And then it started raining harder.  I pulled Ransom out first.  He was awesome.  He has a lot of issues trusting the contact, so I worked on letting him take the reins out of my hands (think stretchy trot and free walk) and picking him back up.  At the canter he does his Andalusian canter as we like to call it, where he goes very much up-and-down instead of reaching.  To help him, I hand galloped him down the long sides to encourage him to loosen up.  He got it!

But the rain hadn’t stopped and in fact had gotten worse, so riding PJ outside was out.  I decided to tack him up and just do a lot of halt-walk transitions.  My goal was for him to  jump forward when I lightened my seat.  Well, we did one better.  Toward the end he jumped forward so well that I gave him the cue for canter and he did.  Now, it would have scored pretty horribly at a horse show as a walk-canter transition, but considering all of the problems we have cantering I thought it was pretty darn good.  It was better the left lead than the right lead, but isn’t everything better one direction than the other?  I didn’t even ride him hard enough to get him sweaty, but it was good work.

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