Hot Hot Hot

Our lesson was moved from 12:30 to 9:45, which was good because even so early it was steamy out.  PJ was warm to the touch when I pulled him out of his stall.  After giving him a quick brush over, I hosed him off, which helped cool him down a little.  I tacked him up and headed out to the ring.

Barbara said she had an epiphany while riding another horse.  I work so hard and PJ still just trudges along.  She said I had to get him moving right away.  Ask with seat and a little squeeze with my legs and he should GO.  If he doesn’t, whack him with the whip and bang him with my legs.  I was dubious that it would work because I thought that I had been doing that. But I guess not because after 3 times, he went with a subtle aid.  And I didn’t have to work so hard, which was good because after 2 times around the ring I was dripping sweat.

I did some transitions between trot and walk and trot, and changes of direction and bend. He worked really well, which meant that he worked really hard.  He started panting and was very winded.  I thought it best that stop and hose him off again before doing anything else.  Barbara suggested we quit with that.  The work was very good, the weather was exceptionally hot and humid, why push it?

With me not having to push PJ so much, it allows me to focus on my position and the rein contact, and other subtle aspects of the ride.  All of the pieces are slowly coming together.

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