Accurate Figures

There are so many benefits to having an indoor, but the one I took advantage of today was that it is full-sized.  For years, I’ve been practicing my tests in rings that were too wide or too long or too small.  I was only able to ride in a real-sized ring at shows – not good.  The letters got put up the other day, so we were all set (PJ spooked the first time he saw the white little square signs – silly pony).

Today I rode through both of my tests, concentrating on the geometry.  I’ve been able to figure out what a 20-meter circle looks/feels like, but the shallow serpentines at the free walk and trot in TL3 were an issue.  I was a little short in the free-walk and didn’t make it to M.  At the trot I didn’t get my bend correctly to be able to hit X.  I’m glad I was able to figure it out at home.

Scribing at horse shows, I see all sorts of geometry.  It’s a silly thing to loose points over when there are so many other things to mess up on. Since I’ve never had a regulation sized ring to practice in, I’ve had to improvise.  I have found that seeing the components of my test on a scaled down piece of paper helped a lot.  Those Whinny Widgets are great for that.

May all your circles be round and that you always halt at X!

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