I’ve been very discouraged lately.  I watch me ride in the mirrors or look at pictures of me and PJ and just think we both look awful.  Me.  I look weak and uncoordinated and not all like I see at horse shows.  PJ.  Well, he is now 6yo and he filled out this year.  He doesn’t look at all like the elegant horse I bought.  He’s now kind of clunky looking.

Of course, that’s not fair to PJ.  Today I needed a reminder of all of the good qualities he possesses.  We went on a trail ride by ourselves.  I was a little apprehensive to go out alone because I’m a chicken.  But PJ was a champ, even when the deer jumped out of the grass next to us.  His greatest asset is his brain.  He’s kind, quiet, safe, fun, and tries really hard to be a good boy.  There are people who would kill for a horse with those qualities.

Now I just have to find confidence in myself.

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One Response to Renewal

  1. Barbara says:

    We all have ups and downs in riding. And to make it more complicated, the horses have ups and downs too. I think it is sometimes useful to just set aside training goals and plans and just enjoy the horse. Take a walk, have a spa day, treat them like a pet for a day. OR, take a day off from horses, go do something else. Both of these have worked for me to help me take a breath and then get going again.

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