Lateral Day

Because of the oppressive heat and humidity, a lot of our lesson was walk.  We started out doing turn on the forehand.  The goal was to get PJ to cross his hind legs while the front just went up and down in a walk rhythm as he did a quarter turn at each corner of a square/rectangle.  Sometimes he just shuffled his hind legs, a lot of times he got a little overzealous and kept swinging is butt around past a quarter turn, or he walked forward or backward, or through his head in the air…you get the point. Even though doing it correctly came down to feeling when to use the right amount of each aids at the right time, having the mirrors really helped by being able to see when one change was positive or negative.

After trotting forward around the ring a couple of times (always go, go go after lateral work) we started leg yields.  In both directions I lost his outside shoulder.  I think I need to really establish a forward trot into the bridle before I try to go sideways.  I may have been rushing it.  It was hard, though, because PJ was getting very tired, very quickly.

I have some ideas to try in the next few days and hope that I will improve by my next lesson.  Sometimes I like to avoid riding unless I’m being watched and other times I need some time to myself to work through issues.  This is one of the latter.

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