What’s Best

Happy July 4!

Normally on a holiday, I would be itching to ride.  But not today.  With PJ’s leg I didn’t want to push him.  We had a hard lesson yesterday.  Lot’s of canter transitions, which I totally botched.  On the upwards I banged him in the mouth because I put my hands forward but not enough or for not long enough.  On the downwards, I pulled back instead of half-halting with my back.  Anyway…on the plus, he was sound.  However, his leg was still a little puffy.  After my lesson Barbara wrapped it for me but without the pultice.

Today,  I thought it was best that he got a day off.  I still went to the barn, though, to check on him.  His leg was better but a little hot at the back of the ankle.  I left the wrap off.  No matter how much I wanted to ride because I had all of the time in the world, I knew it was better to give him the day off.  I’m sure he enjoyed it.

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