Horse has a boo boo

Whoever coined the saying “Healthy as a horse” obviously never was around horses. The smallest change in routine can give them a stomach ache or a minor trip in the field could end a career.

When I pulled PJ out of his stall I noticed his left hind leg was as swollen as a baseball bat.  I couldn’t see any cuts, which would have been an obvious cause.  His leg was warm more on the inside than outside, but he wasn’t lame on it.  A vet just happened to be there and took a look.  She suggested pulticing it, which we did.  In addition, he had very watery stools and had seemed a little depressed the last few days.  Today he was more his usually nosey self but still had watery stool.  The vet said that that was most likely a result from a switch in his hay.

Am I worried?  As his mom,  of course I am.  I can think of so many things that could get worse from here.  As a rationale person, no.  I know that he probably just kicked his stall or the fence and should be fine in a few days.  Ahhh….the joys of horse ownership.

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