Mirror, mirror on the wall…

I’m sure I’m not unique in hating pictures of myself.  Yesterday, Gwen took pictures of me as I rode and I found fault with all of them.  I am driven to become a better rider, so today I decided to concentrate on me.

First, I raised my stirrup half a hole, which I think helped me keep my heels down.  Then, I spent all of the time on the end of the ring with the mirrors.  I tried numerous little tweaks to my position and then watched what they did in the mirrors.  I tried sitting a little more on my crotch and then a little more on my butt.  I turned my toes in and then out; moved my lower legs back and then forward.  I think PJ was getting bored going round and round, but by the end I think I looked a little better.  Now I just have to remember those adjustments that showed an improvement.

One thing that bothered me after my ride was that PJ was not sweaty.  Granted, we didn’t do much, but usually he would be at least wet under his saddle.  He had a little sweat where the girth went, but that was it.  In addition, he had very watery stool and was stocked up on all four feet.  He rode fine and was sound.  I had noticed the stocking up while I tacked up and had hoped it would have gone away after I rode but it didn’t. Barbara said she would take his temperature later in the day after he cooled down from our ride.  Cross your fingers he’s okay.

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