Horses Bring Us Together

Not everyone rides horses.  It makes the fact that we do ride kinda special.  When you meet someone else who has a horse there is aways an instant connection, an innate understanding about the other person’s life.

I was reminded about how fortunate I am to have a horse today.  My very good friend Gwen came to visit from Vermont.  I only get to see her once or twice a year, which is too little.  We met because of horses. I was sitting in class in a big lecture hall when I felt someone tap me on the shoulder.  I turned around and it was her.  She asked me if those were riding sneakers I was wearing (remember those from Miller’s?).  They were, and we started talking about where we rode and for how long, and if we were showing, etc.  We’ve been close friends ever since.  If I hadn’t been an equestrian, I wouldn’t have been wearing riding gear, she never would have reached out to me, and I would have lost out on this great friendship.  Through the years, we’ve both taken different paths in our lives. I stayed here; she moved away.  She became a farmer; I became a writer.  She had two kids; I have animals.  She doesn’t own a horse anymore; and I do. But no matter what, we always have something to talk about.  She’ll call me and leave a voicemail because she did a medium trot for the first time, and I perfectly understand her excitement.  I complain about how it’s so hard to sit the trot and I don’t need to go into a lengthy description for her to get it.

I’ve met so many interesting people who I have nothing in common with other than we both are involved with horses.  That’s pretty cool.

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