Why is this so hard?

On the plus side, I got PJ much more forward today.  On the negative side, I still don’t look like a dressage rider.

I had to decide between working on me and working on PJ and I chose PJ, which meant I kept my stirrups in the beginning of the ride.  I thought it was more important to get PJ moving.  Some of my position issues come from trying so hard to get PJ to go.  I end up using my heal to encourage him, which throws me out of position.  If he listened to my calf, I could stay stiller.  But even with PJ moving off my leg, I still didn’t like the way I looked in the mirror.

After getting PJ moving, I took away my stirrups.  But it didn’t seem to matter.  The mirror showed me as just a weak looking rider.  I think I’m going to up my stirrups half a hole (I just have to remember to bring the hole punch with me next time).  I also went to the gym straight from the barn.  I was tired and just did the bike for 30 min.  I have to figure this out.  Soon.  I want to be the rider PJ deserves.

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3 Responses to Why is this so hard?

  1. Annette says:

    Good for you! I try not to dwell on the fact I stink, but rather on the goal of trying to be the rider my horse deserves. I find the better I ride, stronger I get, and more capable I am of doing well – the better my horse goes. It’s like he gives me just enough to really push me, but so I can still stay with him. So I’m not sure I’ll ever be the rider he deserves – but at least he’s forgiving and giving me a chance!

    You’re making me want mirrors so I can see all I’m doing wrong all the time!

  2. Steph says:

    Have you tried riding with a dressage whip at all? I find that if I use one, I can keep my (usually lazy) horse nice and forward with just a “tap tap,” and I usually don’t have to use my heel or move my leg around which may help your position issues too (it has helped mine).

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