Damned If I Did, Damned If I Didn’t

It rained on my entire drive to the barn.  Granted, it was light rain, but it was steady. Maryann was gung-ho and still wanted to ride.  Barbara was out teaching.  And me, I really wasn’t in the mood to ride in the rain and I was afraid it was going to get worse. Instead, I decided to give PJ a bath and clean my tack.

Wouldn’t you know it, as soon as I had rescheduled my lesson for Saturday and started to spray PJ with water, the rain stopped.  Maryann got in a wonderful ride, and I missed out on a ride without bugs.

My luck hadn’t been all that great today, anyway.  First, I got stuck behind a street cleaning machine, then a little old lady driving 10 mph below the speed limit, then a big mower that blocked the entire road.  Add on that a sinus headache.  Boo hoo me, but I wasn’t up to ride anyway.  I knew that if I had decided to ride it would have poured in the middle and since I didn’t, it was beautiful.  Oh well, my lesson is now Saturday morning, hopefully my mood and the weather will both be improved.

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