Go go go

At my lesson today I realized I wasn’t making PJ go enough.  Not only was he not going forward, but he wasn’t moving his inside leg over.  It’s amazing how one thing leads to another.  Because he wasn’t reaching with his inside hind, he wasn’t going into contact.  It’s going to take me a while to solidify that feeling – and it was a good feeling.

On a related note – isn’t everything related?  Barbara said I looked very straight.  I think it is because I dropped my stirrups a hole.  With-stirrups it now feels more like when I ride without-stirrups.  Of course, I still collapsed on a small circle when I tried to bend PJ – the effort to use my inside leg was too much for me to stay straight.  I can’t feel when I collapse, so I’m hoping once the indoor has footing I’ll be able to see what I’m doing in the mirrors.  Also instead of trying to use MORE leg, I need to learn to use it more strategically.

On a positive, it was good to be riding in the top ring again because it was just a little over a year ago that I got PJ.  We started out riding exclusively in the top ring because it has a fence all of the way around it.  Back then, I could barely do a 20-meter circle, was scared to go around the entire ring, and couldn’t even think of cantering.  Today I was cantering around the entire ring! Yay!

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