Damn Bugs

I could not believe how bad the bugs were today.  Maybe it’s because PJ is black and bugs like dark better than light, but he was bombarded.    He couldn’t concentrate on the work. The greenheads were relentless.  We’d be going along and then his head would flip around and bite at his shoulder.  I was constantly swating them on his neck or brushing them away from his flank with my whip.

Maryann was out there with us and you could see the blood from the bug bites on Ransom – he’s grey.  I got 20 minutes of okay work – any work where we canter off when I ask is not bad work, but it wasn’t really great because PJ was so distracted from the bugs. Maryann and I then went for a hack, thinking under the trees would be better.  It was a little.  We saw two other couples going for a trail ride too.  That’s the most we ever see.  I guess everyone else had the same idea about getting out of the sun and the bugs too.

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