Who Replaced My Horse?

PJ was not his agreeable self today.  Yes, he’s usually lazy and difficult to get moving, but today he blatantly didn’t listen.  He tried to run (okay, we were walking) me out of the ring by dropping his shoulder and drifting out from just about the first step we took.  I put my leg on him and he totally ignored me – in fact, it felt like he was pushing back.  Usually I get a little something.  This time – nothing.  And then at the trot, all he wanted to do is jog.

Luckily I was under the watchful eye of Barbara.  We started with trot-walk-trot transitions and she told me to whack him with both whips (I carry one in each hand so I don’t have to keep switching when I change direction) when he didn’t trot right off. After a few times of that, he finally was in front of my leg.  We cantered each direction, re-established the nice forward trot, and quit with that.

I don’t know if he had a bad night last night.  Maybe he didn’t get any sleep.  I’ve been told he’s getting very bossy with his pasture mates.  Maybe he’s feeling like he doesn’t have to listen to anyone including me.  His best friend Ransom was being lunged in the upstairs ring; maybe he wanted to be with him.  The weather was shifting.  Who knows.  I just hope the next time I ride him, I have my horse who wants to please back.

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