Horse Show Prep Day

No, I haven’t sent my entry into anything specific.  But the best way to do well at a show is to be prepared. One of the best ways to prepare for showing is to ride through my tests. We had a solid warm-up, including the canter and were ready to try my two TL tests.  But I wasn’t just going to ride through my tests, I was going to ride through my tests without stirrups!

I don’t know if he thought I was going to bounce off, but he sucked back when I tried to post the trot and went nicely forward when I sat, so I alternated between the two.  On the straight-a-ways I posted and around the turns I sat.  That seemed to work well.  I even cantered him without stirrups for the very first time.  The upwards were good but the downwards knocked me off balance a little.  I ended up only running through the first test without stirrups because I was getting tired and didn’t want to scare him if I did end up loosing my balance.  But our second test went well too.  I have to definitely work on my geometry and PJ has a tendency to break early when he’s tired. But those are easy things to work on.

As I was walking back up to the barn, a lesson kid pulled into farm with her horse trailer. I rushed to untack PJ, so I could see if she would mind if I practiced loading PJ.  She didn’t at all.  At first PJ would just put his front feet on the ramp, which evolved into putting all four feet on the ramp.  Then he put two feet in the trailer and two feet on the ramp, which is where we plateaued for a while.  He would put his front end in the trailer and then immediately run back out.  He eventually put all four feet in the trailer but then would rush out.  Once he realized there was good hay in there he would go into the trailer grab a bite of hay and then run back out.  Finally he walked all of the way in and stood there.  I counted (quickly) to five and then I backed him out.  We quit with that.  Horse show here we come – soon.

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