RIP Dalia

Yesterday morning Dalia, AKA “the homeless bag lady,” was humanely euthanized.  She was 34.  In her youth she was a successful eventer before there was a minimum course completion time.  She was fast!  And she won just about everything she was entered in. Dalia had one foal, who is a solid equine citizen to this day.

I only knew her in her retirement.  She earned her nickname because she was allowed to wander the entire farm, except the flower garden, which she still tried to sneak into. I have fond memories of her breaking into our tackroom to get into our treat containers. Even near the end of her life, she would torment over the fence those horses stuck in paddocks, as if she was flaunting that she had access to all of the grass in the world and they didn’t.

However, at the end of this winter, it was obvious she wasn’t doing as well as she had after past winters.   As the temperatures rose, her heath declined, and with this recent heatwave, it was decided that it was time.  It took only a nudge to push her over the Rainbow Bridge.  Her presence is missed by us all.

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3 Responses to RIP Dalia

  1. Barbara says:

    RIP Dalia. Sounds like she had a good life and a great old age.

  2. onthebit says:

    This is a sad day indeed. Even as of last year she would come in to the ring and bug Phoenix and I during a ride. I can’t imagine the farm without her roaming free. I am sad to hear that she wasn’t doing well but she really did lead a very long and full life. Send my regards along…

  3. Dom says:

    RIP, old girl. She had a good run.

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