Faith in Leg Yields

PJ was so sluggish, and it took forever to get him moving. But once we did, Barbara suggested we work on leg yield.  But before that, we worked on square turns, which would be the basis of setting them up for leg yield.

With the square turn the horse continues in a 4-beat walk but crosses his inside hind to move his haunches around the turn while keeping his shoulders from falling out (or in).  I never really got it.  Then we moved to trot.  That was better.  I really have to remember to turn my shoulders in without collapsing.

Then we moved to leg yield.  After doing a square turn onto the quarterline, I asked for straight and then steps over.  I found it was much easier if I sat the trot.  That way I could also push him over with my seat.  I posted around the short side and then sat for the square turn and leg yield.  I think I got a few good steps.  He needs to cross more but it’s a good start.

Lastly, Barbara had us canter after reaching the rail from leg yield.  I really didn’t believe PJ would canter off, so the first time I got to the rail, half-halted, sent him forward and then asked.  Too late, and he picked up the wrong lead.  The second direction I had faith that he would do it and asked just as we got to the rail.  And guess what? He did it!  We quit with that.  Barbara said that if the horse does the leg yield correctly, he’s set up to pick up the canter on the correct lead.  Cool.

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