Riding Another Horse

Maryann has been kind enough to let me ride Ransom when she can’t – and I have the time, which means weekends.  This is turning into a win-win-win situation.  It works for me because I get to ride a really well trained horse.  Today we worked on canter departs. I’m hoping it helps me with PJ.  And then maybe I can ride more advanced movements on him before having to teach PJ.   It works for Ransom because he gets ridden by someone who (sort-of) knows what she’s doing.  Maryann is basically a beginner and makes beginner mistakes.  I keep consisent(ish) contact on his mouth, don’t bother him with my legs, and can direct him with my seat.   I don’t want to take anything away from Maryann.  She’s come so far so fast because of Ransom, but he’s scared her, and so she rides a certain way in anticipation of his spooking.  It just comes down to the fact that he doesn’t hold the same baggage for me.   And lastly, it works for Maryann because when she comes to ride him the next time, hopefully he starts out a little more through, which helps him not to spook, which should help Maryann to relax and ride him.  Other than the spooking, he’s doesn’t do anything else bad. He doesn’t ever get angry, and he doesn’t rear or buck or do anything dangerous no matter what Maryann does on his back, so I’m sure she’ll get it together eventually.

For me, Ransom is a blast to ride.  His spooks so far have been rare events and not anything horrible (I’ve seen him spook with Maryann, so I’m not counting out that something bigger is in there).  Even though he is so much easier to ride than PJ in that you just think half-halt and he does it or think forward and off you go, I wouldn’t trade my horse for anything.   I am so appreciative that I have two great horses available to me. Thank you PJ.  Thank you Ransom. Thank you Maryann.

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