Maryann and I decided to go on a trail ride.  Because it was such a wonderful day, Bridget joined us with a homebred she’s training.  It was a reverse-Oreo sandwich, with Bridget in front on a grey mare, PJ and me in the middle, and Maryann and Ransom, also a grey, at the back.  All three horses were great.

None of the horses would go more than a foot into the river because there were leaves coating the top and it looked really different.  No biggy, we just started down the trail. There was one point where we had to go down a ditch and back up the other side where there was a leaning tree with just enough room for us to get under if we ducked down on our horse’s neck.  Bridget’s horse wouldn’t go first, so PJ and I forged ahead.  However, when we got to the other side PJ got nervous that the other horses were left behind. Bridget’s horse still wouldn’t go, so Ransom led her across.  And we were on our way again.  We walked through the woods and then through a field where the grass was as high as their noses and they took full advantage, munching as they walked.

We swung back around to the barn.  Bridget had to stop because she had to teach a lesson, but Maryann and I had extra time, so we continued.  We crossed the driveway and walked next to one of the hay fields where we flushed out a mamma deer and her baby.  So cute.  The horses barely batted an eye, and they were troopers when they had to pass the neighbor on his lawnmower.

We dismounted back at the barn, a little disappointed that our ride had come to an end.  I’m glad the summer has only just started and hopefully there will be many more opportunities to enjoy nature – just us and our horses.

On Our Trail Ride

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