Mistakes are Good

A couple of lessons ago I made the mistake of pushing and pushing and pushing with my leg instead of pulsing with my leg aid.  I learned that PJ will definitely NOT listen to that. As soon as I started pulsing my leg, he did exactly what I asked.  I’ve been trying very hard to avoid getting into that rut again.

Fast forward to today’s lesson.  We were doing an exercise where we rode squares.  The idea was to slow the horse down and do a sort-of turn on the forehand, keeping the steps a clear 4-beat.  I started to revert back to my old habit of pushing, pushing, pushing, and what happened?  PJ wouldn’t turn.  However, this time I caught myself, started pulsing my leg, and everything came together.

I’m still having canter depart issues.  I’m hoping that I will be able to figure out all of the mistakes I’m making, so that we can move along in our training.  Every time I try and fail, I figure a little something else out.  He bucked into one depart, which told me I was doing too much preparation before asking. (I should half-half, half-halt and then go forward and ask at the same time – I was half-halting, half-halting, half-halting, sending him forward and THEN asking.)  Barbara mentioned that my rein length was a little long, so I’ll try shortening them the next time I ride.  So much to learn, so little time!

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2 Responses to Mistakes are Good

  1. onthebit says:

    Just reading this I had a thought…you should have some video you and Bridgett trying to get the canter departs and see if there is anything that you can see that maybe you are not feeling…

  2. Dom says:

    Identifying and correcting your mistakes is the best way to learn 🙂

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