I Got to Ride Today!!!!!

It rained all last night.  It rained into the morning.  I was afraid I wouldn’t get to ride ever again!  Okay, maybe not that bad.  But around 9 am the rain stopped.  I waited another half hour and because the skies stayed dry, I decided to risk heading to the barn. But I hedged my bets and wore work-out clothes underneath my breeches.

I got to the barn and it still wasn’t raining.  Better yet, PJ hadn’t rolled in the mud!  I quickly lured him with a handful of grass instead of risk him rolling while I went to get a treat from the tack room.  I didn’t bother cleaning his legs or hooves, they were so caked in mud.

The ring wasn’t too sloppy and the ride went well.  Maybe our turning issues last week were because he was tired.  Of course, I need to learn to get him to come together when he doesn’t want to (and of course, I won’t push him if he’s not up to it).  But, I think I need to give him more days off.  A good lesson learned early in the season.

I got back in my car without it raining a drop.  The drive home was another story all together.  Half-way home it poured so much the fast speed on my wipers weren’t enough to keep up with it.

After being home for an hour it stopped again.  After checking the radar (I”m not stupid) I took the opportunity to take the dog for a nice walk.  And again, within 20 minutes of getting home, it poured again and stayed raining until the evening.

I think I just got lucky twice today between rain storms, but I’ll take it!

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One Response to I Got to Ride Today!!!!!

  1. Dom says:

    Jealous. I got soaked today.

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