Trot and Canter On!

I’m getting my canter departs.  Are they “good”? No.  But we do canter off, which is better than we were even a week ago.  I’m getting the feeling of pushing my hands forward, which seems to help my seat ask correctly.  Now the problem is steering at the canter.  I’m so worried about hitting him in the mouth that I give him too much rein.  But, it’s progress.  As an aside, PJ cantered off after his friends today in the field instead of trotting really fast. I wonder if it’s because he’s stronger and cantering is easier for him.  Just an interesting observation because last year he would never canter in the pasture.

My sitting trot is wonderful without stirrups.  I worked today on both posting and sitting without stirrups.  I think I gave up too soon posting, but I wasn’t totally recovered from my lesson on Thursday.  However, at the sit trot, I could half-halt and go forward and turn.  I didn’t bounce, and actually felt one with the horse.  Now if only I could maintain that when I pick up my stirrups.  For some reason, things fell apart when I put my feet back in the stirrup.  I spent the last half of my ride experimenting with no stirrups, and then stirrups, and then dropping them again when things felt out of whack. I also went back and forth between posting and sitting.  I sat around the short side and then would post down the diagonal, then sit again.  Now I have to get brave enough to canter without stirrups!

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