A Little Bit of Everything Goes a Long Way

It was so peaceful at the barn this morning.  I took my time tacking up.  I pulled his mane a little.  I brushed through his tail and cut a little off the end.  I rubbed his ears, which he likes a lot.

I started out our ride sending him forward.  He came in front of my leg pretty easily and cantered off almost when I asked.  Then we worked on half-halting and coming into contact.  It could have been better but it wasn’t horrible.  After a nice walk break, I asked for the canter again, and again, it was okay.  I’m getting the feeling of pushing my hands forward when I ask, so I don’t bang him in the mouth.  The canter itself was nice.  He let me collect him a little around the turn and send him forward down the long side.  My seat was better too.  I also did my homework of riding without stirrups.  I was still sore from Thursday, so I didn’t last very long posting, but my sitting trot was a world better.

To end our ride I took him down into the cross-country field.  We first took a nice walk around the entire field to see the footing.  It was very wet in some places. We hung around the dry parts and I actually trotted him a little.

After I untacked him, I let him eat a little grass.  I love spring.

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