Short but Sweet

I had to go to the barn late because of work, but it was still warm and sunny.  PJ started out much more in front of my leg.  He came much easier into my outside rein, and we even had some okay canter departs.  I’m starting to figure out how to push my hands forward as I ask for the strike off.  I tried to drop my stirrups but I was so sore from yesterday I couldn’t do much.  And because PJ was so good, I decided to cut our ride in the ring short and hack down to the river.

Maryann and Ransom came with us.  Both horses were much more willing and didn’t even hesitate going into the river.  PJ was fine until we took a step into the deep end, where the water reached above my toes, not an easy task on a 16.3 hh horse.  I don’t think he liked the water lapping at his belly.  He wouldn’t let me push him further forward and looked for a place to get to shore.  I only let him walk back to the shallower end, where the water was above his knees.  Then Maryann and I walked down an one of the streams that feeds the river.  It only comes to the top of their hooves and there are a lot of places to be on flat dry land.  But it was somewhere different for them and they were great. Maryann’s daughter was waiting for her back at the ring, so we didn’t dawdle long.

I enjoyed my horse today both in and out of the ring.  That’s what it’s all about.

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