Everything’s Better

Everything’s better on a glorious day.  The weather couldn’t be better.  PJ hadn’t rolled in the mud yet by the time I got to the barn.  Ahhhh spring.

I had a good lesson.  PJ’s not very good in the heat, so it wasn’t a particularly long lesson.  But…we did get the canter, exactly when I asked, in one direction (and the other direction wasn’t horrible).  It turns out that I had stopped doing all of the prep work I had initially been doing before asking for the canter because I thought he now knew what I wanted.  Barbara said that the prep work actually helps them physically canter.  What I had stopped doing was really half-halting for a few strides then sending him forward a couple of times BEFORE half-halting strongly and then asking for the depart.

We are in no way ready to show, but at least we’re speaking the same language now. 

PJ does have one issue that’s bothersome.  He’s getting rubs on his face where the noseband and flash are.  Actually, last summer he got these same sorts of rubs all over his face and not just where the bridle lays.  To me they look like some type of dermatitis or allergy.  I tried washing his face after each ride (with and without soap).  I cleaned his bridle.  I glob vaseline on before tacking him up.  One day he looks fine, the next all of his hair fell out and his skin looks on the verge of getting icky.  Today I put some new ointment I got a free sample of at a show last year.  We’ll see if it works.  Does anyone else have a very sensitive horse like that?  I’m at a loss of what to do because everything I try seems to make it worse.  Below is a picture from last year.  Any advice would be much appreciated.

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