A Beautiful Day

And a pretty good ride too.  The birds were chirping, the sun was shining, it was warm, what more could you ask for on a spring day?  As soon as I got to the barn I could tell something was up.  One horse would scream from down below, then another would screen from the top barn.  Sure enough, the baby was back.  And even though it was her mother down below screaming, she was not hollering for her foal, who was not the horse screaming back.  No, ex-mama wanted her friend: the white horse in the picture with PJ above.  Her name is Kat and she was taken from her turnout buddies to the top barn to be near the baby. It’s the hope that she and the filly will become friends.  Right now the baby looks very lonely by herself in the big foaling stall.

In addition to the screaming, the two minis were running around the property.  I thought it strange that they were loose because they’re so chubby, the last thing they need is free-range grass.  It turned out they escaped their paddock.

PJ was a little distracted, but he was real easy.  He came into contact nicely.  It took about three strides in one direction and two tries in the other direction to get PJ to canter.  I think I should watch more videos of people I admire cantering off to see what they do with their bodies.  Maybe that would help.

I took my time brushing, saddling, unsaddling, just hanging out.  I let PJ eat grass after I hosed his legs off.  For a horse who grew up in CA without grass, he sure loves the stuff. He and his turnout buddies are still in the mud turnout and they all look out at the grass field  wondering when it will be their time.

If only every day could be like today.  I think people would be happier.  Maybe there would be less wars.  Maybe world hunger would end.  Maybe everyone would get along. Okay, maybe I’m getting a little ahead of myself.  Ah, spring…

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