Still Trying to Canter

I’m still having cantering issues.  On Tuesday I tried to canter and it was not pretty. He wouldn’t canter or he bucked or he bucked and wouldn’t pick up the canter.  Okay, actually, it was more like I couldn’t get him to canter.  I asked and asked and asked but we only cantered once out of every 4 times I asked.  All of my friends gave me things to try, but I thought it best I wait until I had a lesson, which was today.

But today was crazy windy, and not only that, but it was unusually busy at the barn.  A couple of horses trailered in for lessons and they came with a group of humans and another dog.  The neighbor’s kid was there for a lesson on her tiny white pony (we all know about tiny white ponies).  She hadn’t been there since the fall, so the horses was on high alert.  Two out of three of the babies and their mamas (the third is still at the vet hospital – doing much better) were out in a field that was visible from the ring.  Other horses were moved to make room for the babies, and they were screaming at their friends across the farm.  People were coming and going; dogs were running around; horses were fussing; all-in-all, it was chaos.

PJ was up, but for him it’s nothing as long as I take control right away.  He spooked once when a dog knocked over a rail right in front of us.  Then he was suspicious of that spot for another 10 times past the spot, then he forgot about it.  Ransom, however, was not so quiet.  Maryann got dumped once.  It was that kind of day.

Needless to say, the nuances of me picking up the canter were not the focus of the lesson – it was gaining consistent attention.  And, PJ picked up the canter each direction when I asked, so I couldn’t even show Barbara the issues we were having ( I think it was because he was a little up).

Now I have to decide if I’ll try to canter again on my own using some of the tricks my friends suggested or not.  I don’t agree with all of them.  Or I’ll just wait to canter again at my next lesson, next week.  It’s supposed to rain this weekend anyway, so how many days I’ll be able to ride between now and then is anyone’s guess.  I’ll keep you all posted!

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