Head vs. Gut

I got to the barn with the wind whipping through the trees.  I had second thoughts about riding but wasn’t too worried.  That was until I saw my friend Kristin try to handle her Friesian cross.  Her mare was flipping out – rearing, bucking, spooking.  She was just going to lunge but it was all she could do to walk around the ring.  As I watched, I got more and more apprehensive about getting on PJ.  I decided to just lunge too.

When she was finished, I got PJ out of his field.  He had been play-fighting with Ransom until he saw me and then he just stood in the middle of the paddock waiting for me to deliver his treat.  He was quiet on the crossties.  I thought, well maybe I could get on.  Kristin’s mare was still snorting and looking around while she got groomed.  No, I would just lunge.

I brought PJ up to the top ring.  He lunged beautifully.  I regretted not getting on him. My brain knew he would have been fine if I had gotten on.  My gut was nervous.  Unfortunately, horses can read our gut, so maybe it was good that I didn’t get on.  PJ would have felt my anxiety and maybe he would have acted badly because he didn’t trust the vibes I was given off.  Oh well, tomorrow (or actually in my case, Tuesday) is another day.

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