Baby Update

Our newest little filly has gone downhill and had to be rushed to the emergency clinic last night.  Not being able to stand, didn’t allow her to nurse, which led to her become dehydrated and she went into shock.  Luckily, her human family was watching out for her and saw what was happening.  As of this morning, all of her values are going in the right direction.  The vets are confident that she’ll be okay.

I’ve known many people who contemplated breeding versus buying a horse already on the ground.  When you breed, anything could happen.  You could get a perfectly healthy horse or one with problems.  The horse could have the conformation you want or be put together horribly.  Trying to make money from breeding I think is difficult.  First, you need to invest in the mare and stallion; they have to both be quality to improve the changes of getting a horse who can do the work you want it to do.  Then there is all of the vet care involved in checking the mare and doing the artificial insemination (not many people natural breed, and that has all sorts of risks anyway).  The mare needs to eat good food to nourish that baby growing inside her.  If anything happens like with this foal – cha-ching.  And then add on top of that training.  Not many people want an unbroke horse.  However, very few people are out there who can break a young horse, and even less are out there who can break a horse the way you want them to.  You either pay for it up front (buying a made horse) or on the payment plan (breeding and training).

Hopefully everything will turn out okay for this little filly.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. Dom says:

    *fingers crossed*

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