The Best Laid Plans…

I had another lesson scheduled for late today but when I got to the barn PJ had lost a shoe in the field.  I figured I would just be walking, so I didn’t even bother to put boots on him.  I decided to try trotting and he wasn’t all that off, so I continued.  Barbara and I decided that it would be best to avoid cantering him, though.

I don’t know if it was because I had no expectations, he had gone forward on the lunge yesterday, he had just eaten dinner, or what. But he was very forward in a good way.  He was free in the shoulder and pushed from behind.  I just thought half-halt and he collected.  If I thought it too loudly he walked.  It was the same for going forward.  I posted a little higher and off we went.

So, my plan for having a canter lesson was dashed.  Then my plan just to walk was modified when I saw he was only a little irregular.  Everything worked out in the end.

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