General Update

First, the new baby.  He’s doing great.  He figured out where the milk bar is.  His IgG is still a little low but he’s a strong boy.  He literally ran circles around his mother today when they were turned out.  Then he crashed in the hay under the sun.

Well, I decided to avoid the whole canter issue and just trot today.  There was a lot going on and PJ was very distracted.  I tried to practice the trot parts of my tests but I couldn’t remember them, so I settled for just doing lots of circles, shallow serpentines, and diagonals.  He was very forward, which helped a lot with half-halting.  I quit after he gave me a beautiful half-halt, half-halt, serge forward off his front end and pushing from behind.  I gave him lots of pats and told him what a good boy he was.  I hope he understood.

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