A New Addition (Edition)!

Let me welcome the newest member to our barn….We had a colt born this morning.  He’s a big strapping boy.  He’s strong and healthy.  Problem is he won’t drink from momma yet.  Close but not quite, so he’s being fed by a bottle.  Hopefully, with some help, he’ll figure it out soon.  Isn’t he cute?!

Our first baby of the year!

We have two more on the way.  This one is full brother to two other horses we have on our farm – hence the new “edition” in the title.  One is an eight-year-old and the other is two this year.  When you get a good cross between mare and stallion you stick with it and this one is exceptionally good.  Unfortunately, the mare is old and may not be able to have many, if any, more foals.  It would have been nice if this guy was a filly to be able to replace her mother in the broodmare band.  Oh well, how can you not like this colt?  The other two babies expected any day now are by the same stallion as this guy.  One of the mares is the daughter of the mother of this foal and the other has totally different bloodlines.  It will be interesting to see how they all turn out. 

We currently have a lot of young horses on our farm that were bred here.  There’s the eight-year old, who I guess you can’t consider a young horse anymore.  There’s a coming six-year-old who looks like she’s headed to the jumper world.  There’s a coming five-year-old stallion who is amazing and worthy of leaving a stallion if he can stay focused.  Another coming five-year-old who wasn’t bred here but is by the same stallion as one of the two-year olds.  Of course there’s PJ, who’s turning six. We also have the 3 two-year-olds: two colts and a filly.  Busy busy.

Some will definitely be for sale, but by breeding such quality horses Bridget doesn’t have to worry about looking for a sponsor to supply her with a nice horse, and she doesn’t have to worry that a sponsor will take that horse out from under her.  I know it’s the nature of being a professional at the top levels, but it must be hard when you work so closely with a horse and then they are given to someone else.  That’s one benefit of being an amateur with only one horse to ride – he’s yours.

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2 Responses to A New Addition (Edition)!

  1. Dom says:

    Congrats! He’s adorable. Hope he figures out the nursing thing soon.

  2. Oh how I love babies. Colts are nice but fillies are definitely special when you have a broodmare you particularly like and she’s aging. Maybe she won’t be done yet and bless her owner with a couple of fillies down the road. You can never tell about those old mares, sometimes they do surprise you.

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