Two Weeks Off = One Tired Human

I finally got to ride after 2 weeks off and boy did I feel it afterwards!  It didn’t help that it was cold, either. 

As I settled into the saddle on Saturday it felt like I belonged there.  But as the ride progressed, I felt crooked, uncoordinated, and unsure of myself.  PJ wasn’t very motivated to go, so I had to work hard.  I cantered earlier in the ride to see if that would get him moving, but when I went back to the walk, my bronchitis caught up with me and I had a coughing fit.  I just ended up quitting because I couldn’t catch my breath.  I felt defeated and was miserable the rest of the day.

So miserable that I almost didn’t go to the barn on Sunday, but I dragged myself there.  For some reason, PJ was much more forward.  I don’t know why. The weather was identical; nothing different was going around at the farm; I had even shown up at about the same time.  I wasn’t complaining.  We ended up having a good ride.  Not a great one.  But a descent one.  I worked on really collecting him at the trot and then sending him forward.  My goal for me was not to use my hands.  My goal for him was that he kept using his hind legs as he collected and then surged forward when I asked.  He got a little confused and cantered off instead of trotted off a couple of times, but at least that’s going forward, and that’s something we’ve had trouble with (canter departs), so I wasn’t going to discipline him for it.  I just brought him back to trot and tried again.  I even practiced a little sitting trot. 

Today I am sore.  I also really need a lesson to fix my crookedness and get us back on the right track.  Oh and while I whining….I really want the weather to warm up too.  Is that too much to ask?

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