Our Pets, Our Responsibility

I take being an animal owner very seriously, whether it’s my horse, my dog, or my cat.  They rely on us to provide food, water, shelter, and whatever else they need to be comfortable, and we like to see them happy.  Hopefully, the majority of our efforts are on routine issues, like spring shots and teeth floating.  But we must be prepared in case something serious arises.

This week I had to deal with the near death of my cat.  Now, my cat is very annoying.  He meows all of the time and is very demanding, but he can also be extremely sweet and I love him regardless of his…um…quirks.  When we got home from London, we could tell he was sick.  He was listless and shaky on his feet and screamed all night unless I held him.  The next day I rushed him to the vet.  He was diagnosed with kidney issues and sent home with instructions to watch him to see if he improved and if not to bring him back.  He didn’t improve and I rushed him back in the next day.  His kidney enzymes were worse and he was admitted.  Although I knew he was in good hands, I worried about him and missed him.  Thankfully, his kidney values stabilized and he was able to be discharged yesterday.  He will now need to be on a special diet and watched, but he should be okay for a while.  It was scary to think about he would have died had I not known what was normal for my cat.  Of course there is no getting around the expense that 3 nights in the vet hospital cost and now his special food and any subsequent care.  But that’s what it means to be a pet parent.

I obsess over my animal’s health.  I look to see if the dog’s poop looks normal.  I check to make sure PJ is drinking enough.  I’m always picking at random bumps I come across in the process of grooming and petting my animals.  Sometimes I drive them nuts, but I know what is normal and what isn’t for each of them.  They really can’t complain – they have it pretty good. 

I watch a lot of Animal Planet, and it amazes me how badly some people can treat their animals.  Forget about not giving them any emotional care, but how can someone look out their window at their dog and not feed it?  How can they think that overgrown hooves are fine?  I don’t get it.  Animals give back so much more than they get, they deserve to be taken care of. Period.

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One Response to Our Pets, Our Responsibility

  1. Dom says:

    I agree completely about your point about owner responsibility. My kitties were irritating at times, but I would have done anything for any one of them. Glad yours came home in one piece. Here’s hoping he has no more repeats.

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