Being Sick Never Helps

After about three days on vacation I started to get antsy.  I hadn’t seen PJ or any horse and was going through equine withdrawal.  That’s why I had to go visit the royal mews and see a horse up close.  Unfortunately, they wouldn’t allow us to get close enough to smell or touch them, so that didn’t help (everything was so clean, there was no stable smells).  I did get to watch two trainers work a young horse – the one in the second picture from my last post.  They hooked him up to a tire and long-lined him and then the girl got on him and rode him while he pulled the tire.  It was very interesting to watch and satisfied the intellectual side of the horse bug.

The other issue was by the time I got to visit the stables I had a bad cold and the British drugs were not working.  Of course, being a tourist, I wasn’t going to let that stop me from accomplishing my agenda of seeing everything.  For another three days I took bus and walking tours, visited museums, and did not rest at all.  Needless to say, the plane ride home was miserable.  I felt so bad when we landed that instead of going home, I got dropped off at the urgent care clinic and my husband came back later to pick me up.  It turns out I had bronchitis and an ear infection.  Fun.

What does my illness have to do with horses?  It means that I couldn’t go see PJ the first day I returned.  It was cold and rainy and while normally that wouldn’t stop me after being away for so long, I didn’t feel up to going, even if to just pat him on the head.  But yesterday was sunny and I arranged with Barbara to have her lunge him for me, so I could watch.  PJ seemed happy to see me, or maybe just the treats he knew I had in my pocket.  Barbara had lunged him while I was away and said he had been fabulous.  But today, he was a nut.  Maybe it was because of the construction going on, with people and equipment on the roof of the new barn.  He looked gorgeous with his tail over his butt prancing around but he needed to go to work.  He finally settled, though.

Today it’s snowing.  Snowing!  To keep me on the mend, I think it best that I stay in the warm comfort of my house.  Tomorrow I have appointments and won’t be able to make it out again, so hopefully Friday I’ll make it back to the barn.  I think it best that I don’t ride this week, even though it’s killing me, so I can rest up and get healthy.  If you don’t have your health, you have nothing, right?

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