Today’s ride was all about focus.  PJ walked into the ring already looking around.  It didn’t help that I’m having issues on the home front and wasn’t all there either.  I guess it was PJ’s way of telling me to stop focusing on my problems and focus on his.  His most pressing problem turned out to be a turkey vulture in the woods.  He even scooted out from under me twice, but nothing big. 

I just put him to work and by the end, he was paying attention mainly to me.  I made him do little circles to figure-eights to serpentines to more little circles to big circles.  Then we worked on canter, and finished up with sitting trot (always going back to a nice long rising trot before ending).   For one short hour of my day I stopped focusing on what was going on in my life and thought of nothing but getting PJ to work correctly.  It was nice.

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2 Responses to Focus

  1. shinyfluff says:

    This is what I think makes riding so relaxing, even when it is filled with challenges or is frustrating: the total focus. Probably similar to yoga or meditation…

  2. Barbara says:

    Riding is like meditation. You have to focus on the riding and everything else fades away. It can give you a much needed break.

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