Spring Fever

I wish I had a camera today.  PJ and Ransom got turned out in a different field than they had been because their usual turnout was an ice rink.  Where they were going out was actually an aisle attached to the field they went out in during the summer, so it wasn’t totally unfamiliar to them, but they acted like it was.  First they snorted for a good five minutes.  Then the two of them reared up at each other and played by the gate.  First one would bite the other who would spin and kick out and then they reversed roles.  

I walked down the rail (on the other side of the fence) to encourage them to explore.  Even though Ransom is boss, PJ is the bold one.  He followed me down the aisle and even ventured into the field. Two feet in, he spooked himself, wheeled around and galloped back to Ransom, where they started playing again.  After a while, PJ came back down and went all of the way into the field.  He trotted to the end and then bucked and jumped his way back.  Although it was beautiful to watch, I was a little worried he would slip.  He didn’t, though.  Ransom preferred to stay in the aisle and just ate hay as PJ frolicked.  

It was a good insight into PJ’s personality.  He’s quick to spook, which for him is just jumping in place and sticking his head in the air (and snorting, which is so cute).  But then it’s as if he shrugs his shoulders and goes “eh, it’s fine.”  And then he wants to explore.  Being the chicken that I am, I can work with that.

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One Response to Spring Fever

  1. shinyfluff says:

    sounds so cute! I love watching horses get silly in turnout!

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